Child Justice Courts are established under the Child Care, Protection and Justice Act of 2010. They are a child-friendly court separate from the adult justice system, with magistrates and other staff trained to hear cases involving children’s more

Police Victim Support Units (PVSUs) exist within the Community Policing Services Branch of the Malawi Police Service. They provide victims of abuse with critical policing services in a friendly setting. PVSUs, and police generally, often provide the immediate emergency response after instances of violence. read more

CVSUs respond to women and children who experience physical, sexual and emotional violence and/or neglect. Prior to the development of CVSUs, many abuse cases were going unreported. CVSUs are a critical service in rural and remote areas where Police Victim Support Units (PVSUs) and One Stop Centres (OSCs) may not be accessible. read more

Providing services in one location improves the quality of services provided, increases the likelihood of effective referrals, improves the chain of evidence for effective prosecution and reduces secondary victimization of survivors. read more

Malawi’s reformatory centres provide rehabilitative services for children in conflict with the law, with the goal of ultimately returning these children to productive lives within their communities. read more

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